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Memphis hurderlers track club

1930 Walker Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Head Coach: Cecil D. Moore Jr.
A non-profit organization


  • Cecil D. Moore, Jr.
    Cecil D. Moore Jr.
    Head Coach
  • Daya Cox
    Daya Cox
    Assistant Coach
  • Christian D. Moore
    Christian D. Moore
    Run Walk and Distance Coach
  • Lapasha Miller
    Lapasha Miller
    Hurdlers & Sprinter's Coach
  • Terrance M. Moore
    Terrance M. Moore
    Throwers Coach


  • Cecil D. Moore, Jr. Cecil D. Moore, Jr.
     Founder and Head Coach

    • • Graduate of : Douglass High School, Memphis, TN
    • • Graduate of : The Ohio State University
    • • Retired Art Teacher and Coach for Memphis City Schools
    • • Ordained Minister

  • Daya Cox Daya Cox
    Assistant Coach
    • • The University of Mississippi Asst. Track and Field Coach
    • • Lanier Middle School Head Girls Track and Field Coach
    • • Record holding & All SEC Heptathlete for The University of Mississippi Track and Field Team
    • • Record holding & State Recognized Heptathlete and Cross Country runner for Memphis Central High School
    • • Proud Former Memphis Hurdler
  • Christian D. Moore Christian D. Moore
    Race walk and distance Coach
    • • Graduate of : Memphis Central High School, Memphis TN
    • • Graduate of : The University of Memphis
    • • USATF National Medalist in the Race walk
    • • Memphis Hurdler Alumnus
  • Lapasha Miller Lapasha Miller
    Hurdlers and Sprinters Coach
    • • Graduate of : East High School, Memphis, TN
    • • Member of East High School Track Team
    • • Team mother
    • • Memphis Hurdler Alumnus

  • Terrance M. Moore Terrance M. Moore
    Throwers Coach
    • • Graduate of : Memphis Central High School, Memphis TN
    • • Graduate of : The University of Tennessee Martin
    • • Memphis Hurdler Alumnus


The name of this Ministry and organization is The Memphis Hurdlers Track Club, Inc.; it is also referred to as Memphis Hurdlers or MHTC. This is a Ministry/organization composed of youth through adults from Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee who have an interest in Track and Field. It is an affiliate organization of USA Track & Field [also known as USATF], the governing body for Track and Field for The United States..


The top shows the words Memphis Hurdlers, which is who we are and what we represent.

Just below our name there are two athletes hurdling over the Memphis/Arkansas Bridge. This symbolizes how we hurdle over troubled waters, situations that block our pathway of life, to connect the physical gaps created naturally. There are two athletes representing the fact that we accept all genders and races. The athletes have no faces because how you appear on the outside does not really represent who you are inwardly.

In the center of the Bridge is a rising sun with the initials M.H.T.C inside the sun, whose rays are reaching out to the words Memphis Hurdlers. This is symbolizing the rising of a new beginning, the Memphis Hurdlers Track Club reaching out to Memphis, and Shelby County, Tennessee.

Under the Bridge is a phrase that personifies our goals and mission, it reads, We Hurdle Over Obstacles Not People. This signifies that there are negative factors or snares that we must get over to reach our goal. These life obstacles are drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, stereotypes, gangs, crime, and low self-esteem.

Next is the pyramid which is formed by three lines going upward forming a peak which leads to the rising sun. The lines represent Parents (the left line), the Athlete (the center line), and the Coaches (the right line). The base lines and the Peak (which brings all three lines together) symbolize Jesus, The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Also the Author and Finisher of our Faith, it also symbolizes how He was on Earth and rose above the sky into Heaven like the rising of the Son (Jesus) lighting the world

On the bottom are the words Track Club, symbolizing that we are united as a group with the same goals and purpose, to become productive citizens wherever we are.


Our vision is to train all participating individuals in the “Nurture and Admonition of the Lord”, and help them acknowledge that they were created “Fearfully and Wonderfully” and because of this, they “Can Do [accomplish] All Things Through Christ”. We encourage competition through USA Track and Field for those with the desire to do so. We encourage those that are only interested in recreational running to do so correctly. We will educate all interested in learning more about the sport of Track and Field


Training participants spiritually, physically, and mentally, encouraging recreation, competition, and education of all students and advocates of Track and Field.


Remember the saying “despise not small beginnings”? Well that sort of sums up the Memphis Hurdlers Track Club. We began in 1994 out of a concern from the Moore children and a “Call” from God to serve the youth and adults of Memphis and Shelby County. The prior year Coach Cecil Moore introduced them to track while being the Athletic Director for the Emmanuel Episcopal Center located in South Memphis. The Moore children were concerned about what would happen to their new found friends and teammates. So Coach Cecil D. Moore, Jr. formed the Memphis Hurdlers Track Club in February of 1994 to help youth hurdle over situations not conducive to prosperous and healthy living conditions.

That summer the club consisted of 30 young men and young ladies between the ages of 7 and 19. They came from unique situations and community surroundings; there was the core group of Moore children, Cecil III, Christian, Terrance and Timothy, they lived in the Cooper/Young Community and attended Peabody Elementary. The beginning of the Harris/Moore bond was Maronda (10th grade Hurdle sensation and State Champion from Central High) she was from the Vollentine/Evergreen Community. There was Bobby Ezell from Snowden (Jr. High 100m champ) by way of the Douglass Community. The Clayborn Homes crew of: Sari (Booker T. Washington High) and Izeal Jones (most of the rest were mostly from Vance Jr. High), Demetria and Kimberly Freeman and their brother Curtis Hines (Locke Elementary), Kenyanette Tribble and her cousin Laquita Arnold Bellevue Jr. High), Chino Shells and his brothers Parrish and Eddie also their cousin Mario Daniels, Marlon McNeal, Connie Farley, Lakeisha Jones, DeAngela Gillard, Yukemia Sumlin, Inita Farmer, Angela Wilburn, Keosha Jackson, Larry Herndon (Locke), Michael Greene (Locke), Larry Greer, Jonnie Taylor (BTW), and Lorenzo Scott Patterson (BTW).

Diversity is a trademark for this team; we were young and inexperienced in track and the blunt of jokes and ridicule from established teams of the USA Track and Field Tennessee Association. Who was to know that only three years later we would begin earning the respect from the very same people that claimed “Some of us actually go to the Nationals to compete while others (referring to us) just go to have fun”. What exactly is wrong with having fun while you compete and setting realistic goals which can be followed through? We are known for starting young and training athletes to get better by expressing that every time you touch the track you should try to get better. Whether it is an eighth of an inch in a throw, a half-inch in a height or jump, or 1/100th of a second in a race, as long as you do your best you are reaching accessible goals. This is our philosophy, not to be the winner every time for only one obtains the Gold but all can achieve reasonable goals through Christ, which strengthens them. Remember, “Despise not small beginnings”.

Over the past 20 years we have served and trained at least 700 athletes. Wherever you may go you will continue to be Memphis Hurdlers. We have had athletes such as Curtis Hines who started High Jumping at the age of ten barely clearing 4 feet but during his senior year in High School at BTW, with Coach Moore as his High School Coach also, he won the AA State High Jump competition with a jump of 7 feet. The paper had a picture of him the next day, which made him appear to be floating in the clouds with the winning leap. That picture personified our perception that the sky is the limit for our athletes. Who would have possibly imagined (besides God, Coach Moore and her parents) that Marrissa Harris would win the State AAA 300-meter hurdles her freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years (missed the state record by 3 hundredths of a second). She also won the 100-meter hurdles her sophomore and junior years and finished as the runner-up by hundredths of a second her senior year.

She has been the most decorated Memphis Hurdler winning 5 National Championships and being a National Medalist in the Multi-Events every year since turning 10 years old. Remember “Small beginnings”. One member was on the University of Tennessee National Championship Football Team (Roy Loggins, Jr.); another was a member of St. Augustine College’s (Division 2) National Champion Track Team (Bobby Ezell). Another member was a Wide Receiver for the University of Memphis Football Team, which won the New Orleans Bowl his senior year (Darren Garcia), while still another member was on the Vanderbilt University Football team and picked up as a free-agent by the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings (Rushen Jones). One member was the SEC 200-Meter Indoor Champion and finished in the top five at the NCAA Championships and competed as a professional (Kendrick Triggs). Three members tried out for the U.S. Olympic Team. Many have been State Champions and named to the All-State Team. Many have completed college and are professional and productive citizens. All have pleased God by giving their all.


Our colors are Royal Blue (symbolizing that we are special royalty and the sky is our limit) and White (symbolizing keeping pure and clean from negative influences such as drugs, alcohol and gangs).


“I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God, therefore, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!”

We recite our motto three times at the end of practice after the reciting of “The Memphis Hurdlers Prayer to God” The reasoning is to pay honor to the Triune God (God the Father, God the Son-Jesus, and God the Spirit-Holy Ghost). We also say it three times to show emphasis on specific words and give it a three-fold meaning:

  • The totality of the scripture,

    “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
    Meaning without Christ I can’t accomplish anything because he is our strength and refuge.

  • “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
    Meaning I, as an individual, can accomplish anything that I set my mind to do realizing that I have Christ on my side and he has my back.

  • “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
    Meaning that with Christ all things are in my reach and possibilities.

The Memphis Hurdlers Prayer to God

Heavenly Farther,
I thank you for life and the ability and opportunity to shine for you.
Thank you for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.
Thank you for letting my light shine every day,
So that others may see you through me.
It is my desire and prayer to follow and please you every day.
Continue to forgive me for my sins, both known and unknown.
Teach me to forgive those that offend me, as you forgave me of my offenses.
Teach me to acknowledge and trust you in everything I do.
Help me to acknowledge that you are my supplier, my healer, my strength,
My deliverer and my help in trouble.
You are my everything.
Without you I am nothing.
Help me to daily hurdle over everything that doesn’t please you.
Nothing shall separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus.
my Lord.
Bless me and keep me, my family, my team, relatives and friends.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

Our song/rap is:

We hurdle over drugs and we hurdle over crime.
It’s very hard to do in these very tough times.
The Memphis Hurdlers are here to say,
We’re going to get up and over and win today.


  • 1. To train and prepare individuals in Track and Field activities for recreational, competitive and/or education of Health and Fitness purposes.
  • 2. To build Self-esteem and Moral Character through physical conditioning and focused commitment toward goal achievement and participation in competitive events.
  • 3. To build strong interpersonal relationships by strengthening communication and conflict management skills.
  • 4. To provide individual and group [team] counseling to offset and Hurdle over negative and corruptive forces such as Prejudice, Crime, Drugs, Alcohol, Stereotypes, Peer Pressure and Gangs.
  • 5. To encourage Academic Excellence by monitoring student performance and offering tutorial services.
  • 6. To aid the needy, fatherless, motherless, and also overlooked [those that feel like no one cares about them] in realizing that they are special to God.
The Memphis Hurdlers Track Club, Inc., also known as MHTC, is a non-profit Ministry to serve and encourage recreation, competition and education to students and advocates of Track and Field.


  • Family fee. This fee is thirty ($30.00) dollars for Parent/Guardian and one athlete. There is an additional cost of ten dollars ($10.00) for each additional athlete in a household.
  • Any Recreational member may purchase a Family membership for twenty dollars ($20.00) a year.
  • Each Open athlete must purchase a MHTC membership [at the cost of thirty ($30.00) dollars per year. An additional ten ($10.00) dollars per family member/s [this includes; spouse, parent/s if residing with them, children],
  • Each Master athlete must purchase a MHTC membership at the cost of thirty ($30.00) dollars per year. An additional ten ($10.00) dollars per immediate family member/s [this includes; spouse and/or children residing with them],
  • The cost for a Youth USATF membership is twenty ($20.00) dollars yearly.
  • The cost for an adult USATF membership is thirty ($30.00) dollars yearly.
  • The team membership for USATF is fifty ($50.00) dollars yearly.
  • Event and entry fees can cost from five ($5.00) dollars an event to forty ($40.00) dollars.


1. Practices

  • A. Will begin at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:30 p.m..
  • B. Will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays through Fridays, and some Saturdays.
  • C. Saturday practices will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 12:00 p.m..
  • D. There will be no practices on Tuesdays or Sundays
  • E. Rain does not cancel practices due to the fact that it does not stop competitions.
  • F. Severe inclement weather will either cancel or postpone practice.
  • G. Parents and older athletes will be contacted if practice will be canceled.
  • H. If possible, the Head Coach should be alerted if a child will not be attending practice.
  • I. Make sure that the athlete is well hydrated during practices. We will take appropriate water breaks.
  • J. Practices will be cancelled or postponed if the Hest Index reaches 100 degrees. If postponed we will begin practice an hour later (6:00 p.m.).
  • K. Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine before practice (at least 90 minutes prior to) because they can elevate dehydration. This means colas, tea, coffee, Mountain Dew, and chocolates.
  • L. Don’t eat or drink dairy products before or during practice. This includes milk, and cheese products.
  • M. Do not drink or eat quick energy products. Athletes may drink Gatorade, Powerade 100% Fruit Juices, plenty of water and eat fruit, especially oranges and bananas.
  • N. Practice time is precious time that should not be wasted. Athletes should listen carefully to their Coaches and follow instructions.
  • O. If an athlete feels ill or has injured their self they should report this to a Coach or responsible adult immediately.
  • P. Athletes, we are not exhibitioners, therefore t-shirts should be worn at all times (no stomachs should be exposed).
  • Q. We must leave the track looking better when we leave, therefore each of us should be responsible for keeping it clean in appreciation of our being able to use the facility. As the song says, “I need to clean up what I messed up.”


  • 11 USATF National Champions
  • 15 USATF National Runner-ups
  • Over 90 USATF National Medalists
  • USATF/TN Association Team Champions 1995 – 2005, 10 consecutive years
  • USATF/TN Association Multi-Events Champions, 10 consecutive years
  • USATF/TN Association Male Champions, 10 consecutive years
  • USATF/TN Association Female Champions, 5 years
  • USATF/TN Association Female Runner-ups, 5 years
  • Wilma Rudolph Invitational Male Champions 1997
  • Wilma Rudolph Invitational Female Champions 1997
  • Rochelle Stevens Invitational Track Meet Participants, 6 years
  • Tennessee Sportsfest Participants, 3 years
  • Hershey’s Track and Field Participants, 2 years
  • Memphis Hurdlers’ Invitational Track Meet Hosts, 2 years
  • Memphis Police Sport’s Federation Track Meet Participants, 4 years
  • USATF/TN Association Young Men’s Champions, 10 years
  • USATF/TN Association Intermediate Boy’s Champions, 10 years
  • USATF/TN Association Youth Boy’s Champions, 9 years
  • USATF/TN Association Midget Boy’s Champions, 6 years
  • USATF/TN Association Bantam boy’s Champions, 7 years
  • USATF/TN Association Young Women’s Champions, 5 years
  • USATF/TN Association Intermediate Girl’s Champions, 6 years
  • USATF/TN Association Youth Girl’s Champions, 3 years
  • USATF/TN Association Midget Girl’s Champions, 3 years
  • USATF/TN Association Bantam Girl’s Champions, 4 years
  • Over 500 Tennessee Association individual Champion medals
  • Over 700 Tennessee Association individual Silver medals
  • Over 1000 Tennessee Association individual Bronze medals
  • Over 200 USATF Region VI individual Champion medals
  • Over 400 USATF Region VI individual Silver medals
  • Over 600 USATF Region VI individual Bronze medals
  • Over 300 USATF Jr. Olympic National Championships qualifiers
  • Over 1000 Ribbons from various Track Meets
  • 2004 USATF “Pursuit of Excellence” Travel Grant Recipient
  • Honored with citations from the Memphis City Council at least six times


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